A Staccato firearm is a promise of American ingenuity. Precision engineered reliability. Accuracy and confidence. Because the better we shoot, the closer we are to the target, the more locked in we are for family and freedom. The 2011® platform is designed with care, precision-engineered, and handcrafted with you and your experience in mind.Cleaning is easier than you think. The Dawson Precision® tool-less guide rod will allow you to field strip your Staccato P anywhere, anytime without tools, pins or clips to disassemble.



We design handguns for shooters with a range of needs, from SWAT professionals to new shooters looking to carry concealed. Every model we design is developed to the same rigorous standards because we believe everyone has the right to shoot their best. Our 2011 platform is reliable, insanely accurate, and easy to shoot well. We precision engineer and hand fit every Staccato with the highest level of quality and care. The most sold Staccato now available for the Staccato XC, XL, P, and C2, the Staccato 2011 Configurator allows you to easily add options like engraving, various optics, and barrel finishes. Our Staccato family grows stronger by the day. We love to see what people are capable of with a Staccato. You have to see it to believe it.



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The Staccato P is approved for duty by more than 667 law enforcement agencies and carried by elite units like the Texas Rangers and the US Marshals Special Operations Group, as well as thousands of officers across the country. The Staccato P continues to exceed standards in law enforcement department evaluations, including accuracy, reliability, and endurance testing. Civilians serious about protection and defense know that the Staccato P is the option trusted by those who put their lives on the line every day. Famous for its reliability and accuracy, the Staccato P can be trusted in all situations so you can focus on the job at hand. With hundreds of USPSA, 3-Gun, and Tactical Games under its belt, the Staccato XL is the perfect match for range and competition shooters looking to shoot their personal best. The Staccato XL has the weight, speed, and accuracy to turn heads. Extremely fun to shoot and target ready, this pistol has a light, fast-cycling slide and a long sight radius. With less disruptive energy transferred to you, the Staccato XL allows you to engage multiple targets quickly. Designed and built with FlaTec™, the Staccato XL has a surprisingly fast-cycling slide for a pistol with a long sight radius



The competition shooting market in the US is relatively small. At least when you compare it to the tactical market. The tactical market includes not only law enforcement and the military, but also self-defense-minded citizens as well as those who enjoy shooting in general. When STI rebranded to Staccato, they not only changed the name of the company but also changed their offerings. They went from the aforementioned competition-centric models to firearms with a more tactical base. These models of 2011, including the Staccato P, were tested by law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Marshals. They were approved for duty use, and the pistol was adopted by the Marshals going forward. This adoption gave Staccato a good launching pad to take over a large portion of the high-end tactical handgun market. Staccato P is a duty-size gun and was the flagship model for the brand when it came to duty usage. They also offer the Staccato C2, which is a slightly-smaller version designed primarily for concealed carry. As we mentioned earlier in this review, the Staccato is designed primarily for duty use. Still this is a gun that can work for multiple roles. This could be shot as a competition pistol, be carried concealed on your person or used as an OWB carry option. The Staccato is very versatile for a larger gun. If you plan to conceal carry this gun, you might want to consider switching out the magazine well or taking it off completely. That will drastically affect the concealment of the firearm. With a flush-fit magazine, the Staccato carries 17 rounds. It also has the ability to accept longer magazines that can hold either 20 rounds or even greater capacities. There are a variety of 2011 magazine options with a variety of lengths and capacities. You can purchase these magazines directly from Staccato or get an even higher-quality magazine through a company called MBX. MBX offers the tactical-style followers that lock the slide back on the last round or competition-style followers that don’t.